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Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) diagnostic and monitoring devices 

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Handheld innovative pain-free cancer prognosis monitoring and screening devices provide patients and medical personnel with dynamic optical images under label-free and tracer-free conditions, having high spatiotemporal resolution and accuracy.  

  • Provide a single cancer heat release contour map and a 4D map

  • Show single cancer spatiotemporal orientation in deep tissue 

  • Show how cancer formed and when metastasis happening

  • Selective: at a single cell concentration discriminated from other cells 

  • Signal Amplification: thousands of times higher than the antibody labeling method

  • Sensitive: detects a single cancer cell in less than 1% of the weight of an HIV viral

  • Fast: seconds for detection without sample preparation

Pioneer Neuron

Pioneer Neuron®

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More than 5 million Americans had Alzheimer’s in 2019, and 55 million had dementia worldwide in 2020. Current technologies are not able to diagnose Alzheimer’s at an early stage. ABS’s patented break-through innovation in electrochemical sensors provides an early-stage asymptomatic diagnosis for Alzheimer’s, trauma brain-injured (TBI) and epilepsy with high spatiotemporal resolution and accuracy displayed in dynamic energy-sensory optical images.

  • Sensitive to an early asymptomatic sign of brain circuitry dysfunction when an air small energy change triggers the circuitry output 

  • Identify troublesome spots in the brain causing neuronal diseases with high spatiotemporal resolution 

  • No tracers 

  • No harmful high magnetic field 

  • Accurate and fast to monitor 

  • Easy and simplified procedure

  • Portable and affordable

  • Able to identify Alzheimer’s disease (AD) neuronal dysfunction from asymptomatic to late stage in four stages using the 3D dynamic map and sensory-energy optical images.

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pioneer neuron 2.jpg
Little Deer

Little Deer®

A Touching Story

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A decade ago, Dr. Chen had the opportunity to share the joys and sorrows of diabetic children during an evening outing at a local summer camp. In the meeting, Dr. Chen met some lovely children and their families who suffered from childhood diabetes.  Dr. Chen saw a small child, about 2-years old, ran to her, who was suffering from type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes and showed her tiny finger, which she had to do several times the finger pricks for testing glucose. While holding the little hand, Dr. Chen felt a turning point and a call to action. She realized a need to make a difference in the lives of these children to resolve the unmet needs. The image of those painful little fingers has forever etched into Dr. Chen’s mind. It has become a source of strength for her to develop revolutionary technologies to help patients improve their quality of life.

  • Handheld Glucose Sensor

  • Better accuracy and precision 

  • Reagent free technology

  • Painless and interference-free

  • Affordable

  • Stable at a wider temperature range

  • Longer shelf life

  • Better data for hypo- and hyperglycemia range

  • Environmentally Friendly [no toxic contamination in manufacturing process] 

  • Exceeded FDA and ADA performance standards using human serum specimen samples with or without hyperglycemia.

Pioneer QSensing®

Qsensing 1.jpg

ABS team has developed a new type of superconductive/mem-element qubit device used for room temperature dual-functioning of quantum sensing, memory storage, and quantum computing, without an external magnetic field applied. This is based on a self-powered electron-relay system with 150k Flexible Toroidal Josephson Junctions (FFTJJ) arrays built.  The first patented Pioneer QSensing(R) can quantitively detect proteins in human serum at zero-bias potential, that the superconducting current and the quantum conductance is exponentially proportional to the protein concentrations using a cyclic voltammetry method under antibody-free and protein interference-free conditions.

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